FRITE- An update

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FRITE- An update
As expected, I have received quite a number of requests for improvements to be introduced in the next version of FRITE. The most striking and the ones that I did not expect are those from enterprise users. For example, one request was for copying and pasting chunk of HTML codes from a Forms item module (or from a database table column) in a specific position within FRITE. Needless to say, there are some interesting uses for FRITE. Here are the major new changes that will be in version 0.12
  • Support for bi-directional languages such as Arabic and Hebrew
  • Support for hyperlink clicks and follow ups. When you click on a hyperlink within FRITE, you will be allowed to open or follow a link.
  • New properties for the bean that you can set and get. Some are purely cosmetics and will allow you to customize the look of FRITE. Others will let you for example to add and remove buttons from the toolbars.
I have also checked where visitors are coming from as far as degenio and FRITE are concerned. There, you have another interesting statistic and which got verified by the number of requests coming from India users. .

Well, it seems Oracle Forms is still widely used within the enterprise! Just a little reminder, the PJC competition is almost over. If you want to vote, please head over to the Oracle Forums.

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13 thoughts on “FRITE- An update

  1. We have embedded FRITE into one of our application forms where users are required to layout an email template. We like the facilities in FRITE. What support is there available for bugs which are found during Quality Assurance / User Acceptance. Is there any access to source code?

    Phill Jacobs

  2. @Phill: The source code is available. If your developers want to modify it, let me know.

  3. Hi Hafed. That sounds very helpful. How would I obtain the source code? One bug I found was that pressing ‘bullet point’ twice puts two points on one row whereas I would expect the bullet point to toggle off. We would send back any bug fixes.

  4. Hi. I’d like to know when the version 0.12 will be ready and available for use. We are quite enthusiastic about the Arabic support. Hope you can fill me in on the details.

  5. Dear All
    It’s possible write in Arabic I try in version 11 but not support Arabic , Can Any body help

  6. hi dear master
    thank your for such a great tool you’ve developed .
    could u please send me Arabic version of Frite ?
    my email is :m.afifpour60@gmial.com
    best regard

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