FRITE- the rich text editor with Right-to-left languages

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FRITE- the rich text editor with Right-to-left languages
I have been working on adapting FRITE, the rich text editor to work with right to left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew and the results are here. Arabic FRITE Rich text editor in Arabic Hebrew - Translation of "Here is how my Hebrew text should look like in FRITE" courtesy of Frite- rich text editor in Hebrew The only addition to the code was the following statement: document.putProperty("i18n", Boolean.TRUE); But I still need to validate the overall workflow with users that work with Arabic or Hebrew on a daily basis. I guess the same applies for Persian, Urdu and other right to left languages.

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53 thoughts on “FRITE- the rich text editor with Right-to-left languages

  1. @Mouhamed: No, Oracle reports does not take into accounts all of the HTML tags. If you want to process all of the available HTML tags, you will have to write your own handler in Reports, either 9i or 10g.

  2. I’m busy working on a PJC spellchecker for forms. I think I can use your item for text highlighting in the spellchecker. For this however I would need the source of the item. Do you still supply the source?

  3. Yes, I will send it to you. I will appreciate also that you give us some hints on how you would go about adding a spellchecker. Thanks.

  4. Hi Hafed,

    I am working with Urdu language, there is a problem that when i generate report in HTML it works fine however when i generate PDF file it doesn’t show me the correct language instead shoe me the code like e.g #659823 etc. Any hint to resolve this issue.

  5. @ali: You will need to have the urdu font available to your pdf. It depends on how you are generating your pdf, platform you are running your app (LINUX, UNIX, wnidows). There is a setup for Oracle reports to handle those fonts.

  6. @Hafed,
    I am using a Fajar Noori Nastalique (Western) for urdu and using MS Windows for apps. Kindly can you guide me how to add this font on in the reports builder/server. Also can you provide me your relase that you have worked on from Right to Left Languages.
    Thanks for your prompt reply and help

  7. Dear Hafed,
    I am using your rich text editor in one of my project. However, I can’t generate report in PDF format. Could you please guide me how to generate report in PDF format? Appreciate your great work

  8. Hello Hafed,

    Looks very nice!

    Oracle is not my business area but I got to your site in my search for a java bean with Frite functionality that can be used in a stand alone app (vs web application).

    1. Would it be possible to create a “stand-alone” Frite java bean?
    2. If so – would it be OK to use your source for that?
    3. I would need to stick in an equation editor module (MathML) – would that be a tough job?


  9. @rolf: yes, it is possible to create a standalone Frite java bean from the sources. You can use the code for that. Including an equation editor should not be that difficult !

  10. Hi Hafed,

    I do not mean to push (at all!) but given the speed of your initial response I was wondering if you already mailed me the code (I did not receive it yet).

    Thanks an best!

  11. hi Hafed,
    Thanks , its a great work
    I am using your rich text editor in one of my , But I can not used it with arabic language , And i Do not have the source code , If you please send me at least executable version support Arabic.
    Best Regards

  12. @Mohamed: I have made a version that takes into account Arabic and right-to-left languages. What release are you using ?

  13. Dear Hafed,
    Thanx a lot for your replay ,
    that is exactly what I need ,
    the version which takes into account Arabic and right-to-left languages
    Best Regards

  14. Dear Hafed,
    I need only a release support Arabic language , and English if i need , but i do not need more than this
    Best Regards

  15. Dear Hafed,
    could you please send me a release support the Arabic language , I tried to find it on the web site , but i found only the english version
    Best Regards

  16. Dear Hafed,
    Really I appreciate your help , looking forward to your email.

  17. Dear Mr.Hafed,
    I am still waiting the (FRITE) arabic version could you please
    send it to me.

  18. Hi Hafed,
    I have a requirement to use rich text editor in my project having Arabic and English support. Its a great feature developed by you, I congratulate you for this. The version I downloaded does not support Arabic, Please send me the version that supports Arabic.
    Thank you

  19. Dear Hafed,
    I am waiting for Arabic Version of FRITE please send it to me, I appreciate your help.
    Thank you

  20. Hi, this is first time I make a comment. I actually want to ask something not to comment.
    I installed rich text editor and it works fine except on thing.
    Most of our users are used to word and they format their text using Enter key. In this editor if they hit Enter key, double space is used. On the other side it is sometimes very hard to explain to users they should use Shift+Enter not to make double spacing.
    Is it possible to solve this problem?

  21. Hi,
    We are working with Oracle Forms and searching for a control that handles more than 32kb text,does Frite handle more than 32kb? with Arabic of course

  22. Hi

    I download the jar file put its for only English, can you send me the jar file for Arabic language.


  23. Dear Sir

    I have downloaded your Rich Text Editor PJC.
    Put everything on Application and Tried to run the fmb provided by you.

    its showing me blank — no editor options show on the header…

    am i missing something… please help..

  24. Dear Sir

    I have been able to run you PJC for rich text document.
    It is really a valueable addition in PJCs. I really appreciate the efforts made by you.

    I want to use this bean for making some templetes and ofcourse want to re-use these templetes also (as rich text document).
    I also want this field to read some data from DB and convert it into rich text document.

    1. It does not allowed me to Paste if I copy some data from external file e.g MS Word etc.
    2. and It can not read from DB, some saved document.

    how to do it. can you help me please.


  25. how can i download some demo in order to check the functionality of this bean.

    and once it stores data in db, how the data is fetched / retrieved through oracle report because oracle reports do not support html tagging.


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