Migrating from Oracle Forms to APEX

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Migrating from Oracle Forms to APEX
Yesterday, I  gave an impromptu talk about migrating from Oracle Forms to APEX. The aim was to highlight the different options or paths to follow when deciding about a migration strategy. I also touched upon migrating from Excel/Access to Forms. Here are the screenshots from that presentation. A translation of  each one is given below the screen capture. Screen 1
Introduction migration to APEX
Introduction migration to APEX
Why are we  obligated to migrate from Oracle Forms ?
  • New Versions 11g or 12c
  • Is it a problem with the PL-SQL ?
  • Configuration problems with the current Forms
  Screen 2  
Why we might be required to  migrate.
Why we might be required to migrate.
Some other motivations
  • Audit (internal or external
  • Resources consolidation, either human or hardware
  • Software consolidation
  • May be current technologie offers better performance
  • Other software vendors have better products
  Screen 3  
Migrating from Oracle to Oracle
Migrating from Oracle to Oracle
Migrating from Oracle product to Oracle products or other platforms
  • Forms 6i, 9i, 10g to 11g: use migration tools, inventory all objects. 80% automatically done and 20% manually
  • Forms to Java: investigate Oracle ADF but do we have the required expertise since most Oracle analysts lack Java expertise. How do we handle the stored procedures, etc.
  • Forms to .Net: major surgery here. Are we talking about the application and the database that will move to Microsof products ?
Screen 4  
Migrating to APEX
Migrating to APEX
  Migrating to Oracle APEX Do we have the tool that will help ? Might be easy with Excel/Access to APEX Forms to APEX: current tool might help with the UI but business rules, PL-SQL and all the other stuff is problematic.

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2 thoughts on “Migrating from Oracle Forms to APEX

  1. Bonjour M.Benteftifa,
    je suis analyste programmeur ici à Montréal et j’aimerai avoir votre avis sur une question :
    je veux migrer mon application de Oracle Forms vers une application plus conviviale (look plus jeune). je suis à l’etape de l’analyse et j’ai quelque choix tels C#, ou PHP et java (et là je dois réecrire tout). j’aimerai faire une application web branchée sur une BD oracle.
    j’ai lu sur APEX (que je ne connais pas de tout) dans votre site , et j’aimerai savoir si vous avez un résumé d’experience que vous pouvez me donner.
    Merci bien et bonne journée.

  2. Hello !!

    I would like to know more about forms to apex . we currently have a project on this ..can u share ur email id so that i can contact you



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