Project Description

FRITE Rich Item HTML editor allows you to edit and format HTML content and assign it to an Oracle Forms text item. FRITE has been designed specifically for Oracle Forms and has been tested with Oracle Forms 9i/10g running under:

  • Internet Explorer 6+ (Windows)
  • Firefox (Windows)

Why a rich text item for Oracle Forms

For a long time, actually from its inception, Forms has been seen as a business programming language with developers mainly concerned with processing and saving data.

With the advent of the Oracle Forms web architecture, developers could design form modules that could be seen as web styled especially if using the Oracle web look that comes standard with Forms. However, rich item editing is still missing and that’s where Frite aims to position itself. With Frite, users can enjoy the rich editing that is available in other environments and still continue to work on one of the best business programming environments.

Frite presentations on Screentoaster

If you want to check the presentations I made for Frite, please follow these links: Frite- Overall presentation Frite features- part I Frite features- part II Frite features- part III

Frite on SourceForge

FRITE is always evolving, and new features are planned for the near future. I welcome your comments, suggestions and any ideas that will make Frite useful to the Oracle Forms community. Here is the link for the Frite project on Sourceforge . Please direct all comments to info [at] degenio.com or leave a comment at www.degenio.com

What you get in Frite

Most of the features you can find in modern HTML editors are included in FRITE. These are available on the main toolbars and are also actionned using keyboard shortcuts. Due to the lack of screen real estate, some other features are only available through keyboard shortcuts.

  • Basic text styling (bold, italic, underline)
  • HTML text heading (H1, H2, …, H7)
  • HTML styling (code, cite, superscript, subscript)
  • Lists( ordered, unordered)
  • Paragraph indent
  • Copy, cut, paste (plain and styled)
  • Find
  • Find and replace
  • Horizontal rule
  • Line break
  • Special characters
  • Hyperlinks
  • URL images
  • Font styling (size, family, foreground, background)
  • HTML tables
  • HTML source preview and editing
  • HTML page preview
  • Oracle reports integration
  • Downloads and resources

    Download release package

    Binary (Signed and non-signed Jars), sample FMB, sample report, user's guide, developer's guide.


    Signed and non-signed Jars

    User's guide

    Download for offline reading with Acrobat Reader.

    Developer's guide

    Download for offline reading with Acrobat Reader.

    View screen shots

    For requirements and instructions on how to install and use FRITE after download, please refer to the user's and developer's guides.

    To support open source or if you would like to honor the efforts we put in making FRITE and the work by degenio, please use the donation button below.

    We appreciate your support. Thank you!