January 2009
January 2009
First glimpse at the Oracle Forms HTML Rich Text Editor
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Glad to be reporting that I am almost done with
Rich text editor or HTML editor for Oracle Forms: Decision time !
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A project that I started in September 2008 was motivated
A Dashboard styled Oracle Forms bean
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Here is another dashboard styled bean that can be used
Oracle Forms Javabean Property Editor
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As I was finalizing the technical note for another gauge
Gauge with thermometer style display- Javabean for Oracle Forms 9i-10g
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Increasingly, power users are requiring more and more info in
Oracle Forms Migration Challenges- A Recap
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I finally was able to complete a document that highlights
Java with Oracle Forms 10g- Sending SMS messages
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One of the ways to extend Oracle Forms 9i-10g is
Gauges, Dials and more for Oracle Forms
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I don't really know why but lately I found myself
Oracle Forms 10g- Using Static Google Maps with HTTP geocoding service
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Here is an update with the files for implementing a